Our Journey

10 Things We Learned from our Tops in Flooring Customers in Western NY

1. They deserve to be treated as the most valuable part of our business.

Above all, our customers are absolutely the most important part of our business.  Even more, they are deserving of our attention, respect, and courtesy always.  It’s true we earn our living selling carpet and floor coverings.  That’s only part of it.  Certainly our biggest reward is the people we meet who become our customers.

2. They want to do business with folks who know their craft and are professional.

We’ve been in the flooring business for over 40 years.  It seems like the process of learning our trade never stops.  We’re always eager to attend flooring seminars. We also visit the folks who make the products.  As a result, Tops in Flooring customers get to know about the latest innovations in all our product groups.  Likewise, it’s our job to share good information.  Consequently, we help our customers make great decisions.  Similarly, Tops in Flooring installation professionals share our beliefs and attitude.  Certainly that makes us proud.

3. They expect qualified and professional carpet and flooring installers to do the work.

Tops in Flooring installers are among the best anywhere.  We appreciate them and we pay them well.  Most importantly, they care about our customers.  Most noteworthy, they show it.

4. Our customers often prefer to see color samples in the right setting.

Because of that, we’re happy to visit their home or office.  Certainly we’ll bring samples that they can see under their own lighting in their own rooms.  While we’re there, we can take accurate measurements.  As a result, there is no guesswork regarding costs.

5. Our customers want fair pricing for quality carpet and flooring.

Almost anybody can advertise the “lowest price in town.”  In contrast, it’s usually to the customer’s regret.  Therefore we encourage our customers to think in terms of quality.  Also we offer very reasonable prices to help them achieve that.  Above all, we provide exact pricing.  There are no hidden costs.

6. Our customers care about the environment.

Tops in Flooring features environmentally friendly flooring products.  Similarly, they are created under environmentally friendly conditions.  Likewise, our carpeting has been certified with the “Green Label.”

7. Our customers want the best stain protection and warranties.

All of our carpeting products have state-of-the-art stain protection.  If they don’t, we simply will not offer them.

8. Our customers believe that the choice of carpet padding is very important.

Certainly they are well informed.  We make it easy.  We provide only the best padding choice for their individual needs at no additional cost.

9. Our customers want to eliminate the common confusion in purchasing flooring.

As a result, we learned to explain to our customers not just what a good choice is, but WHY it’s a good choice.  We would rather not make a sale than see someone make a poor decision.

10. Our customers do business with people they trust.

We have spent our entire time in business earning their trust, simply by CARING.  Because of that, our customers tell their friends and that brings us new customers.